Every child is born unique with 'differing gifts'.

From Principal's Heart

Mrs. Shashi Gupta's thought and heart speaks - Vidhyanjali is not a school, it is a home where children come with their smiles and sorrows and leave with achievements, successes and satisfaction.


At the outset, let me thank the management of Vidhyanjali Education Society, for giving this opportunity to share my confidence about the organization.

My child with average intelligence and little learning difficulties, has been unable to cope with the normal schools, and was finding it difficult with academics & social skills. At Vidhyanjali, kids are involved in learning process without making them feel that learning is a tough task. The teachers are knowledgeable, talented, dedicated and caring. They know their students, their strengths & weaknesses & help them gain a glimpse of their potentials. They are focused on the overall development of the child in academics and personality development, as well as co-curricular activities. Lots of exposure is given to the child in the form of participation in events, field trips, activity classes, etc. This has instilled a great degree of confidence in my child.

Now he is Happy & Confident under the able guidance of excellent & dedicated teachers.

I sincerely thank Vidhyanjali for their innovative methods of teaching and wish Vidhyanjali all success & great future ahead…

Sree Lakshmi
Mother of Veera Raghava

Vidyanjali School caters to personalized attention to the students. The principal and teachers are very committed and accept the students as they are with their positive and negative trails.

I wish the school grows spreading knowledge and also helping many students in their all-round development.

Dr Srivalli

(Surya's mother)


Conducive environment for slow learners, teaching with love and care.

GVB Murthy,

Nikhil's Father.

I am a fortunate parent who would be able to find the best place for my kid to learn and nurture life skills along with education, which is nothing other than Vidhyanjali. I need not say that he achieved greater heights in all aspects of life including conventional education, life sciences, and human behaviors.

When we approached Vidhyanjali, my son was struggling with behavior problems and no conventional school was ready to accept him as their student. Thanks to Vidhyanjali for accepting him and guide him in a better way.

I wish Vidhyanjali all the successes now and in the future so that they would be able to help more and more children and families like us.

Warm regards,
AB Satyavas Reddy
Bartronics India Ltd

There is a considerable change in his behavior. We like the way the teachers handle children. They are patient and extremely understanding. Now our son is in-class IX, and we can see a bright future for him through Vidhyanjali school.

We wish the Principal and teachers all success in their endeavor

Rajeshwar Rao and Rajeshwari,

Shivram's Parents.

A school which concentrates on student's attitude and also shows them the path to reach their goal.

Rama Krishana and Sita,

S. Vinay Kumar's parents.

Vidhyanjali is an instrumental school in shaping and working towards enhancing the abilities of children with learning difficulties. They have a warm, caring and compassionate environment under the able guidance of Their Principal Mrs. Shashi Gupta. She has constantly encouraged my son in confidence building exercises.

The teachers here are patient and dedicated. Every student has an individualized rapport with the Principal, who is at the helm of the various school activities. I wish Vidhyanjali, all success and strength to continue its wonderful work.

Mrs. R. Marda,

Raghav's Mother.

We are happy that our child is studying in Vidhyanjali.

The principal and the staff bay individual attention to the child.

Personalized attention given to every student ensures that the child feel secured this will definitely improve the child's personality in the long run.

There is a human touch to every child by the principal.

Vidhyanjali is a god's gift to my child.

K. Anshuman Uddhav
V. Madhavi Priya
K. Vishvam

The school is an excellent platform for special children. Children are happy to go to school every day. The staff & teachers are humble & polite. Children feel safe with them & open up very well in their presence. My child has learnt lots of new things, which otherwise was never taught in other normal schools.

The school truly does a yeoman service and teachers out to children who need a little extra hap in their life.

Smaran's father
Class II

Thanks God, in the world of commercialized school education system, there is one "Vidhyanjali School" that is doing great service by teaching the different students. The parents of such children own a lot to the institution. The Government should come forward to aid schools like these so that differently able students and their families feel secured and aligned to the mainstream of our nation.

f/o Mihir Raj
Class –II


The School Management is compassionate about the upliftment of the students, and do not see the commercial aspects. The school lacks facilities, but the care and love shown by the teachers overcome all of these. Philanthropists should come forward for improving the facilities at the school.

Vinod Sultania
Parent of Amol Sultania
Class –X, Vidhyanjali.


Students Voice

I Love my school very much. My teachers help me in completing my work. There are many activities, but I like my music class very much.

Akshat Bhagat
Class 9

Vidhyanjali is a good school. Studies are good here and also we have a lot of activities. We celebrate all the festivals in our s school.

K. Pankaj Mohan
Class VIII

Vidhyanjali is a very good school. Apart from studies, we have freedom to play games. We have an activity period every day. The teachers are good. They teach everything properly.

Rana Sabin
Class X

Vidhyanjali is a good school. Teachers teach me very well. We also have games to play and other activities.

Class – X

I am a senior student of this school. I feel it important to be here because my teachers help me in my studies.

P. Nagendar Reddy
Class X

It has good teachers, who teach us in an easier way. Vidhyanjali teaches us many principles.

Amol Sultania

Vidhyanjali is a very good school. It has a good management and staff.
They teach students how to face the world.

Ch. Surya Tarang
Class X

Vidhyanjali is a school where we play, happily. We study with dedication. A teacher is a best friend here where we can share our opinion. My principal makes us happy in all situations. I am very, very happy being in this school.

Yash Shah
Class X

In Vidhyanjali teachers take care of students. I am very happy be in this school. It has helped me to become self – confident.

M. A Rahim
Class –VIII

I have good friends and nice teachers in my school.

I like my school very much.

Class – III

I like Vidhyanjali school. I want to study. I like teachers they care for me. Principal ma am helps me in doing the work.


I like Vidhyanjali because the teachers are very good. We have activities like skating, pottery, music, yoga and games. Teachers will explain very well.

P Nagendar Reddy

I like Vidhyanjali because the studies are good in this school.

K Pankaj Mohan

Vidhyanjali is a very good school. In Vidhyanjali school, teachers teach very nicely.

P. T Raghu Varan

Vidhyanjali school is very good. In Vidhyanjali school, teachers are very good teach will this school games will be the in this school.



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